InternetSupervision Client Testimonials
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Testimonials about the InternetSupervision Services:

"We have been using InternetSupervision for only 3 days, but we already are absolutely pleased and satisfied. We asked for a new feature regarding Failure Alert Messages and they added it in just a few hours. InternetSupervision has become a key part of our RealTime Monitoring services. Congratulations."

Juan C. P. -

"Our experience with InternetSupervision has improved our response time to site related issues and gained us major kudos from our customers. Responsive and customer focused are two words used to describe Hot Lava Software and we would attribute a large part of our responsiveness success to InternetSupervision."

Bob S. CEO - Hot Lava Software

"I am very impressed with InternetSupervision's monitoring service. We use it as a primary backup service to monitor our servers' uptime and the reliability and customizability of the service is great."

Henry L. - HybridReseller

"Internet Supervision has been a real find for my company. We do marketing for several clients and can not be in every place at the same time. This service allows us to feel safe when we sleep at night knowing that our client's best interests are protected. We have already saved our clients hundreds in ppc just from using this simple service."

Gary C. - Mean Sun LLC
"We at ElectronicsShowplace have found the services of Internet Supervision invaluable throughout the last year. We have promptly been notified of failures on our website. This enables us to get to the problem quickly, get it repaired and minimize any loss of income. Our customers expect to find us online and prepared to do business at all hours. We couldn't have done this without Internet Supervision!"
Dennis J. -
The Internet Source For Quality Home Electronics
"Effective monitoring of our site has been important; but perhaps even more important is the credibility addition to our site as a result of the Internet Supervisions logo. On the web, credibility is everything and I believe that the major impact on our customers has been the presence of the logo which signifies to them that we are a reputable place to do business."
Alan L. President - Patio Pacific, Inc
"Thousands of advertisers and publishers rely on the availability of our services. Even one minute of downtime can cost thousands of dollars. We're so pleased with the service, we're recommending it our clients!"
Gemma Piscotti -
"We have been very pleased with the speed of InternetSupervision's response when our website functions encounter trouble. We've upgraded our account recently and are more impressed than ever. Keep up the great work!"
Risa Lopez -

"Website monitoring is very important to our company and our clients.  We were alerted several times that errors occurred and servers needed attention. This saves us from unnecessary problems with our clients and allows us to point to our customers that the sites we design and manage are always under control. We usually forward weekly statements to our site owners so they can see for themselves that we are running a stable site service."

Lev A. MCP - Unique Network Systems Design

"Having developed the very successful website for Classic Collection Holidays I need to know that it is always available for our customers. Using InternetSupervision to check availability and response times from the site from four locations in the world every fifteen minutes provides this security. On the rare occasions that there have been problems I have always received both an email and an instant SMS alert. All round this is an excellent and cost-effective service."

Toby C. Director - Classic Collection Holidays

"The lightening fast service that your organization offers is helping to keep my 3rd party suppliers on their toes. This is especially true when I am unavailable. For as you know, it is just those moments of interruption, that others including customers, suppliers, and potential advertisers might be visiting. Your organization offers me great piece of mind at a minimal cost."

Jeff M. President -

"InternetSupervision website monitoring services has been paramount in reducing our server down through timely notification. Subsequently it has reduced our pay-per-click campaign losses by 100% resulting from server outages."

David H. -

"As our websites operate 24 hours a day allowing thousands of users to register UK Limited Companies online so it is essential we know when they are unavailable. InternetSupervision has proved to be an invaluable tool in managing our websites so we can monitor downtime and address this with our hosting companies if needed. We researched the options before selecting InternetSupervision and are very pleased with both the service and the price."

Steve H. Director - Online Company Formation

"InternetSupervision's monitoring service is the most cost effective monitoring service out there. Their customer support is top notch, and their services work great. If you run a business where website where uptime is detrimental to your success, InternetSupervision is well worth it!"

Chad D. IT Director -

"Searched long on the Internet, and found the only one which has all the services we were looking for that are working perfect, and for the best price!"

Marcel S. -

"GObookings provide Tier 1 Enterprise and Hosted Enterprise Scheduling Booking Software Systems for corporations, government and SMEs globally. Our systems are used 365/24/7 and reliability and security is a paramount consideration for ourselves and clients. Internet Supervision with their multi city network server testing service were able to add to our raft of protection measures in place to ensure maximum uptime."

Roger G. Executive Director - GOBookings Systems

"Knowing that our websites, and our clients' websites, are available 24-7 is hugely important for us at K-JO design - we needed a solution that ensured that we were the first to know, not the last, if our server was unavailable, and we needed to know via SMS, rather than email. Internet Supervision wasn't just the best solution, or the most competitively priced, it was actually the only solution around that satisfied all of our requirements."

Peter J. - K-JO design

"As for any Internet business, it is of the utmost importance that we have confidence in our Web Hosts. As we also offer the services of our Hosts as a part of all our web design packages, it is even more important that we have no doubt that their service is impeccable and that they supply near 100% uptime for ourselves and our clients. InternetSupervision, with their regular checks and reports, removes any concern that we have in this regard. We highly recommend InternetSupervision to all who are concerned about the availability of their website online."

S. M Brenna - HTML Web Design

"It's very important to know if your internet service provider is providing reliable website-hosting service. After noticing some down-time, I became concerned and decided to sign-up with InternetSupervision. When I forwarded a couple of their my ISP, they wrote back to thank me for keeping them informed, and since then, I have found their hosting-service to be much more reliable. Thank you for your valuable service."

Raymond St-Martin -

"Holiday in Britain offers luxury and quality holidays or vacations for international customers wishing to travel to the UK. As such, the reliability and performance of our web site as measured from multiple locations around the world is of critical importance. Our experience with the Internet Supervision service is that it is professional, cost-effective and provides us the comfort that we need that our site is performing well. We particularly like the SMS notification facility which has proved invaluable."

T.C. Director -

"Your service has helped us greatly. I personally find the email I receive when our site goes down extremely helpful. I often know about it before our ISP does.
Thank You Very Much."

Larry H. -

"Wow...I can sleep peacefully at night again. No more having to worry about the potential thousands of dollars in lost sales when our server decides to take a nap; or, wondering if that latest storm has knocked the power out longer than the UPS lasts. If something happens, I'm notified immediately by text message and a phone call with a live person so I can take care of any issue right away. Thanks Internet Supervision."

Troy G. -

"As a semi-technical small business owner, I needed a way to know that my database server AND web server were up and running day-and-night. InternetSupervision provided an easy to understand and easy to implement method for me to assure my site is up and available for my advertisers and global customers. Without their service, my site would have been down multiple times for days without me even knowing. It's invaluable for me to know that my site has gone down before my customers find out. InternetSupervision provides a real 'hands-off' process that does all the work for you and the price is simply dirt cheap!"

Jeff D. -

"Being able to monitor our server up-time around the clock for both our users and our credit card company partners has solidified our reputation as one of the most reliable service providers in the marketplace. InternetSupervision is an absolutely invaluable service and a mission-critical application for us that has more than paid for itself many times over. I'm a customer for life!"

Bill H. - Credit Card Assist

"Great service! Well worth the small monthly cost. The service has saved us several times over the last four years. I would, and do, personally recommend InternetSupervision to any and all web site owners. Thanks InternetSupervision!"

Randy M. -

"We looked at many solutions and found InternetSupervision to be the best, easiest and most cost effective option available. Sure there are open source solutions available and we do use them too, but nothing beats the simplicity of having InternetSupervision. Not to mention that since it's outside our server racks, we don't have to worry about it going down with our collocation facility. We love the "expected text/unexpected text" feature which allows us to use the tool very creatively. Keep up the excellent work."

Otavio F., IT Director -

"InternetSupervision is a really great service, the only one I've found that will actually call you on the phone if your site is down. It is really affordable peace of mind that any high traffic site should use."

Kenneth C., Owner - Sweepstakes Advantage

"Service Data Solutions Inc. servers are leased by a top of the line third party provider. As a safety precaution we signed up with Internet Supervision. Our servers have never gone down except for necessary reboots for security patches. Internet Supervision immediately recognized the failure and alerted our on-call personnel. Internet Supervision is a great safety net for that "just in case" scenario. In today's world down time is lost money and customer dissatisfaction. Internet Supervision continues to give us the tools we need to ensure minimal down time."

Rick B., President - Service Data Solutions

"Your service is simply great and really efficient! Just a perfect control tool to monitor our web site and other internet services."

D.W., Managing Director - FelinesŪ Agency Geneva

"The monitoring service provided by InternetSupervision is top notch. It is an invaluable service that is easy to set up for any server or website, and there is good flexibility in how notifications are handled. So far we are very impressed with the service, and we are recommending it to our clients as well."

Robert R. - Vital Effect, Inc.

"Internet Supervision is so reliable and so affordable that for us it's a complete must-have and no-brainer. It is so much better to receive a phone call seconds after the site goes down vs. waiting for disgruntled customers to pick up the phone and make you aware of it."

Rosevita W., Executive Director - eSpindle Learning

"From the moment we started using Internetsupervision services, our system engineers celebrated. It's the guardian we've always searched for, no matter weekend or holiday, Internetsupervision monitors your servers. Much more important, the services are monitoring also individual websites form the server, control keywords or phrases. This being said, Internetsupervision monitors from second to second, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year your websites, for any unwanted errors or mistakes that can appear when somebody is not watching or guarding your server. This way you'll never get up in the morning to find out that the server was down 8 hours and you lost lots of money, traffic, bots scan. Internetsupervision also has other golden points: has very quick announcement methods: email - complete and detailed reports, phone - via sms in a matter of seconds. A strong thing must be considered the fact that they charge you by the usage, meaning that you deposit an amount of money and they charge from that amount depending on how many alarm sms are sending you or on the type of subscription you've selected - frequency of scanning your servers. An important aspect deserved to be mentioned is that Internetsupervision is pinging the server from different zones on the globe, not just United States; this way they offer you complete reports to identify dns problems all over the world or geographical nature traffic problems. I admire this service and I recommend it to every company that wants to have its Internet applications supervised all the time."

Chris B. -

" has been a huge asset for our company. Any time we are down there is a potential loss of sales and buyers never coming back to shop with us again and we simply cannot have that. We also like to monitor our load speeds to see if different tweaks to our site are causing any slowdowns or delays. In short, we are very pleased that we found this organization."

Matthew S. -

"Last year we were having major problems with our web host. Our website was constantly failing including our secure ordering site. We were able to take the logs from InternetSupervision and provide these to the hosting company as proof of problems with their service. This resulted not only in getting the problem fixed, but a substantial refund that far exceeded any fees we paid to InternetSupervision for this service. When a monitored site goes down, InternetSupervision lets us know within minutes, allowing us to take immediate action thus saving potentially lost sales. In my opinion, InternetSupervision is an essential service that no company who takes business on the web seriously can live without."

Robert K., President - Slateboard Software Inc.

"InternetSupervision offers great solutions to monitor servers' uptime and checking http's with an efficent email notification service."

Andrea - Neoplano Doghe e Materassi

"I have been very pleased with InternetSuperivision's service in keeping me aware of costly down-time, they have been an invaluable asset to my company!"

CJ M. -

"Making sure our hosted servers are online and available to our customers 24x7 is something we take very seriously. It allows us to proactively detect and correct issues before they become problems for our customers. We like the pricing model it puts us in control of our monitoring costs by allowing us to tune the service to our specific needs. InternetSupervision is invaluable to us."

Lee E., Owner/Operator -

"Thank you Internet Supervision for your quick & up to date alerts that Dove Light International receives when things go wrong. I can rely on your service and recommend it to any webmaster."

John R. -

"Since we have selected InternetSupervision we are confident in the knowledge that our website is watched over 24/7. The effectiveness of the service and the various types of notifications allows us to quickly respond to any problems that have arisen, and ensures a minimum of downtime."

Micha L. - Encyclopedia Mythica

"I never worry about whether my clients have access to their sites. With Internet Supervision I can be sure that if anything happens to my server I am the first person who knows. Thanks for you reliable and awesome service!"

Thomas F. - Thomas M Fanelli, LLC

"InternetSupervision has been extremely valuable to me and my company. Being able to keep track of my web sites is very important."

Thom D. -

"As a small mom & pop business we never imagined that we'd need this service, then came the day when it seemed our site was slower or was it? We rely on Internet Supervision to keep us apprised of slowdowns and outages. One less worry."

Lynne and Ted R. - Songofsnow
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